Rules and Regulations

General Conduct

  • The scholastic year of the school is from 1st April to 31st March.
  • Students should arrive at the school at least five minutes before the first bell is rung. Anyone who is late to school for more than thrice in a year may not be admitted to class without the permission of the Principal.
  • It is strictly compulsory for every child to come to school in full School Uniform. Children without the proper uniform will not be admitted into their classes.
  • At the sound of the first bell, all should assemble and take the allotted places in front of the school assembly platform for prayer, from where they go in silence to their respective classrooms. On Mondays, all pupils of classes VI-XII should bring their diaries with them to the I assembly for practice of hymns.
  • Every pupil must possess the school diary which should be brought to school daily. Pupils are not allowed to tear any page from this diary. Also they may not write anything not connected with school work in the diary. Any breach of this rule will be dealt with accordingly.
  • If the teacher does not arrive in the class within two minutes after the bell has rung for a period, the second Monitor should report the fact to the office while the first Monitor should assume responsibility for order and discipline in the class until a substitute teacher arrives.
  • No books (other than, those used in class or taken from the school library) or magazine or newspaper may be brought to school without the Principal’s written permission.
  • Exchange of articles or money transactions between students are not allowed.
  • Any kind of damage to property of the school must be made good.
  • Although every care will be taken of the pupil’s property, the school authorities will not be responsible for any theft or loss of the same. Pupils are advised not to bring valuable articles like gold chain, ring, bracelet, electronic articles etc. to school and parents should discourage their children from doing so. Cycles and other two wheelers should be locked and kept in the place allotted.
  • Running playing or shouting inside the school building is never allowed.
  • Every student is expected to keep up the high tone of discipline of the school by excelling in conduct, good manners and cleanliness both in and out of the school.
  • The school uniform is compulsory at all school functions, unless instructed otherwise.
  • All must co-operate to maintain cleanliness in the school. Hence no papers, food particles and other rubbish should be thrown in the school campus or the class room, but should be put into the bins provided for the purpose.
  • A medical certificate is essential for exemption from Physical Education. A fresh certificate should be produced for each scholastic year.
  • Pupils/Parents are forbidden to give their teachers individual or collective presents/gifts.
  • The engagement of private tutor, may prove injurious to real progress and should not be made without consulting the Principal. Staff members may not accept tuitions without the previous sanction of the Principal.
  • Any communication from the parents should be addressed to the Principal and not to the Class Teachers and all correspondence from the school to the parents or guardians must go through the Principal.
  • Collections, for whatever purpose, require the Principal’s sanction and all account of the same must be handed over to the Principal.
  • Students may not be sent home with anybody other than parents themselves during school hours, and they must not leave the school premises without the previous sanction of the Principal. In case of emergency, the person who comes to collect the child should bear his identity and a note from Parents, if he is not a parent.
  • In order to maintain discipline in the school, the Principal reserves the right of punishment of any sort (corporal or otherwise) to the pupils if deemed necessary.
  • All students should come to school in school uniform on open days. Otherwise parents will not be allowed to meet the teachers.

Leave Of Absence

  • No one who is late or has been absent on the previous day will he admitted to the class without the permission of the Principal.
    1. Leave of absence is not granted except on PRIOR WRITTEN APPLICATION from parents/guardians (except in case of unforeseen circumstances and that too only for serious reasons). Leave may not be presumed.
    2. Every absence (sick leave, or otherwise) must be entered briefly in the LEAVE AND ABSENCE RECORD pages towards the end of this diary and signed by the parent or guardian and the class teacher. The Leave and Absence Record should match with the Attendance Register of the class with regard to leave taken by the student.
    3. For leave of absence for 1-3 days, it is sufficient to apply through the pages of the school diary.
    4. For leave of absence for more than 3 days, a written application must be sent to the Principal for prior sanction and also the number of days of leave must be mentioned in the Diary and signed by the parent and the class teacher when the student returns to school.
    5. For marriages within the family only a day’s leave is granted, as a rule.
    6. The number of leaves taken by a student in a year should not exceed 15 days. Violation of this rule will be seriously dealt with
    7. Students who have 100% attendance will be awarded a Certificate and a Memento at the end of the Academic Year.
  • Those absent because of sickness must present a medical certificate before they are admitted to class.
  • Repeated absence without leave note or unexplained absence for more than ten consecutive days renders the student liable to have his name struck off the rolls. Re-admission, if granted, will be done on payment of a re-admission fee, the maximum being equivalent to the existing admission fee.
  • All are expected to attend school on the re-opening day after vacation Absence without previous leave note immediately after vacation renders the student liable to dismissal or a fine, the maximum being equivalent to the existing admission fee.
  • A pupil returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor’s certificate permitting him to do so.
  • It is compulsory for students to attend school on the days of National Celebration like August 15th & January 26th.

Admissions And Withdrawals

  • Though this School is a Minority Institution, admissions are open to candidates irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion by screening of Registration Forms for classes L.K.G and by Admission Test for classes H.K.G and above.
  • Age for Class L.K.G. is 3 & 1/2 to 4 & 1/2 years and correspondingly for higher classes. (as on 1st April of the year in which admission is sought).
  • Date and time of Entrance Test for admission to classes I and above will be intimated to the parents at the time of submission of the Registration Form. Generally the test will be conducted in the month(s) of April/June.
  • Entrance Test will be on essential subjects like English, Hindi, Science and Mathematics for all classes. Only the students who qualify at the Entrance Test will be admitted. Duration of the entrance test will be two hours.
  • List of successful candidates will be displayed on the school Notice Board. The parent/ guardian should fill in the Admission Form and deposit the fee before the stipulated date failing which his admission will automatically be cancelled.
  • Pupils are generally admitted at the beginning of each academic year. When admitted, a pupil is required to pay the admission fee, the Annual Fee, the first installment of school fees and all other fees if any.
  • Only those students, who in the opinion of the Principal, are able to follow lessons in English will be granted admission, (classes I and above).
  • Application for registration should be made on the prescribed form attached with the Prospectus enclosing the following documents:
    • (i) Birth Registration Certificate from the Municipal Council or concerned Hospital for classes L.K.G. to I .
      (ii) Certificate of Date of birth (in original) from the previous school for classes II and above.
    • True copy of the latest Progress Report.
    • Certificates of Extra – curricular activities.
    • One Passport Size photograph of the student has to be fixed in due space on the registration form.
    • A Family Photo with the child is also to be attached.
  • Admissions will be confirmed only after submission of Transfer Certificate duly countersigned by the concerned DEO/Regional Officer (R.O.), CBSE (for classes II and above).
  • For admission to class X, the copy of Registration Certificate of class IX is required.
  • Admission to classes XI & XII will require the following documents :
    • Attested copy of Sec. School Exam. Mark sheet from the Board.
    • Original Transfer Certificate by countersigned Dist. Education Officer or R.O., C.B.S.E.
    • XI class mark sheet (for admission to class XII )
    • Attested copy of Secondary School (Board) Pass Certificate.
    • Migration Certificate (original) for schools affiliated to Boards other than CBSE.
    • For admission to classes X & XII , proof of transfer of parents or shifting of residence is required as per norms of the CBSE. Approval from CBSE is also applicable for confirmation of admission into these classes.
  • No form shall be accepted without the above documents for registration for admission to any class and incomplete forms will automatically be disqualified from the admission process. Documents required for admission are not returned.
  • Students seeking admission to classes L.K.G & H.K.G must enclose the documents printed at the end of the Registration Form.
  • After admission to this school, every parent/guardian/student is liable to follow the rules & regulations mentioned in the student’s diary and any modifications there of from time to time.
  • A student who fails for two consecutive years in the same class will be asked to change the school so that he can grow in a more I conducive environment.
  • A calendar month’s notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a pupil, Such notice should be given in writing by the parents or by a person responsible for the pupil and not by the pupil. Failure to give I the required notice will necessitate the payment of fees of one installment.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a pupil. The decision of the Principal shall be final in this matter.
  • No Leaving Certificate (T. C.) is given unless all sums/dues to the school have been paid in full. If a student is present in his class even for a day before the issue of his T.C., a full payment of one installment has to be deposited.
  • The Leaving Certificate is issued to the students on a payment of Rs. 100/- and Rs. 150/- for a duplicate Leaving Certificate. Application for Duplicate Transfer Certificate should be submitted together with an affidavit signed by a 1st class Magistrate/Notary.
  • No certificate of any kind will be given without a written application from the parent/guardian. The application should he handed over at the School office at least 3 days before the date on which the Certificate is required. An additional sum of Rs.200/- will ,be payable for any certificate issued after five years from the date of leaving the institution.
  • For admission to classes IX, X, XI and XII the institution frames its own rules & regulations regarding minimum requirements which will be applicable to every student irrespective of Institutions/ Boards.
  • Students shall be liable to dismissal from school on any of the following grounds
    • Inability to follow classes in English.
    • Continuous lack of progress in class and those who are detained twice in the same class.
    • Acts of indiscipline and insubordination.
    • Absence for more than ten days without replication and information.
    • Immoral acts of stealing, damaging or misbehaviour.
    • Non-payment of school fees.
    • Parent’s misbehaviour with teachers and school management.
    • Conviction by a Court of Law for any criminal offence.

Examination Promotions And Reports

  • There will be two Academic terms for the scholastic year 2016-17 The First Terms shall be form April to Sept. and the second will be form Oct. to March. Promotion is based on the day to day work of students through out the year and also on performance in the terminal examinations.
  • The Weightage of Formative Assessment (FA) and Summative Assessment (SA) shall be as follow : I to X
(I) April to September
Type of AssessmentPercentage of weightage in Academic SessionTime ScheduleWeightage of Marks for AssessmentsTotal
Formative Assessment-I (Activity)10%April May10 Marks for 2 Activities (Sec.) 5 Marks for Unit Test & 5 Marks for Activity for PrimaryFormative Assessments=40%
Summative Assessments=60%
Formative Assessment-II (Written)10%End of July30 Marks
Formative Assessment-I (Written)30%Sept./October60 Marks (I to VIII) 90 Marks (IX & X)
(II) October to March
Type of AssessmentPercentage of weightage in Academic SessionTime ScheduleWeightage of Marks for AssessmentsTotal
Formative Assessment-III (Project & Assignment)10%January10 MarksFormative Assessments=40%
Summative Assessments=60%
Formative Assessment-IV (Unit Test & Copy Assessment)10%February10 Marks (Written Test-5 Marks Copy Assessment 5 Marks)
Summative Assessment-II (Written)30%Feb./March60 Marks (I to VIII) 90 Marks (IX & X)
Classes XI & XII
TermExamTime ScheduleMarks
IQuarterlyFirst Weak of Sept.30
IIHalf-YearlyFirst Weak Of Dec.70
IIIFinalFirst Weak of March100
Classes LKG & HKG
TermExamTime ScheduleMarks
  • Reports about the children’s performance in these Assessments will be issued to the parents after the completion of each term. They are requested to examine these and guide them accordingly.
Important Regulations
  • The presence of the student at these Examinations is very important. If a student is unable to be present for health reasons, he must submit a medical certificate failing which he would be considered present as far as the tabulation of marks is concerned.
    • If a student is prevented by illness from appearing for an examination he will not be given another examination. His promotion will be decided on the strength of his performance at other examinations.
    • The minimum marks required for passing in each subject and the aggregate shall be 33%.
  • Absence at all the FA-1, FA-2 and SA-1 of the First Term may debar a student from appearing at the Second Term.
  • The Principal reserves the right to debar a student from appearing at the Final Examination.
  • No pupil will be permitted to appear for any examination unless all dues have been remitted. These dues must be paid at least one week before the commencement of the examination.
  • Absence from one or more subjects involves the loss of grades those subjects and excludes the student from being reckoned in the order of merit in the examination.
  • For sufficient reasons such as unsatisfactory progress in studies, insufficient attendance, serious misconduct etc., a pupil may be debarred from an examination.
  • 90% attendance for Classes L.K.G to X and 75% attendance for classes XI & XII is compulsory to enable a student to sit for an Examination.
  • Wilful breach of any of the regulations for the conduct of the examination is punishable with expulsion from the examination room or if discovered subsequently, cancellation of the paper In all cases the decision of the Principal shall be final.
  • Promotion will be granted on the basis of the whole year’s work. The general criterion is that whether a student has grasped the subject matter sufficiently well to follow the subject in the higher class easily or not. The decision of the Principal in these matters is final and uncontestable.
  • A pupil who fails and is found to be overage for his class may also be asked to leave the school.
  • A pupil appearing at any of the Board Examinations and failing to make the grade may be asked to leave the school and no second chance may be granted.
  • Results once declared are final. Answer copies of the Second Summative Examinations will not be shown.
  • Scrutiny of results will be done on payment of Rs. 100/- per subject. This sum should be paid along with an application. This amount will be refunded if any discrepancy is found in the result.
  • Time limit for application of scrutiny of results is 48 hours from the time of the declaration of the results, after which no request will be entertained. The answer papers will not be scrutinized before the student, parent or any representative.

Internal Assessments/Examinations

  • Attendance in all the internal assessments/examinations will be compulsory for all the class. Presence in the examinations and assessments will qualify the students for grade. No grade will be awarded if a students is absent in any of these assessments/examinations for any reason. The date for these assessments are announced at short notices in the classes and the assessment are neither taken before nor after the actual dates.
  • Copy Assessment by the Principal will be done only on the prescribed day. No student should take leave without prior permission. If a student falls ill on that day, any member of the family or his friend can bring his copies to school for Assessment on the same day. Copies will not be assessed on any other day without Principal’s permission. Copies without Principal’s seal will not be awarded marks.
  • In case of emergency, date of oral exams and practicals can be changed only if permission is obtained before or on the very day from the Principal, by submitting an application explaining the reason for it. No request or application for this purpose will he entertained after the prescribed dates.

Library & Reading Room

  • The Library is the intellectual store house of the school. Great labour has gone into its setting up. Students must take full advantage and add to their store of knowledge. Each student at the beginning of the Scholastic Year is given a “Library Card.”
  • Students are not allowed to take into the library their own books or other personal belongings. A personal diary may, however be the purpose of note-taking.
  • All should see that an atmosphere of silence and seriousness is preserved in the Library at all times.
  • Only one book can be borrowed at a time. A book may be retained for seven days only, after which his card may be confiscated.
  • A book may be reissued, but not more than twice. However books demanded by other borrowers will not be reissued.
  • Books lost, defaced, dirtied, or damaged in any way will have to be made good by the borrower.
  • Magazines, reviews and other periodicals as a rule, are not to be taken out of the library. The same rule applies for reference books which must be scrupulously returned after consultation.
  • No books will be issued to any one unless he presents the library card which if one chances to lose, a fine of Rs. 20/- will have to be paid for getting a new one. The lending card, may, however be refused to, or withdrawn from a candidate who is habitually careless or guilty of misusing the library privileges.
  • Books taken out of the shelves, must be left on the table. The librarian would put them back in their proper places.
  • Books could be issued to the students of classes VI-X during Library period, and to the students of Classes XI – XII after school hours.
  • Books borrowed should be returned before the commencement of the exams.

Recommendation To Parents

  • The parents/guardians must see that the date of birth filled in the application form for the children is correct, as it will not be changed afterwards.
  • The parents/ guardians are advised to see the Progress Report/Diary of the children regularly to know their progress.
  • Allegations of discrimination or anything which demeans the Institution is an insult to the Institution and its Officers and could lead to the expulsion of the student.
  • Parents /Guardians are requested to make proper to and fro Conveyance for their children. The school authorities will not be responsible for transport facilities except for those who use the School buses.
  • Students are not allowed to bring Mobile Phone , FM Radios or any other electronic gadgets in the school campus. Breach of this rule will invite confiscation of the instrument without notice and disciplinary action against the affected by the school authorities. Therefor Parents/Guardians are advised to keep a check on their children. The Parents /Guardians are also requested to switch off their mobile if they happen to visit the school during working hours.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any fancy articles like pens with torch, stickers, comics etc. to school Violation of this rule will involve confiscation of the article.
  • Parents should study the rules and regulations about absence from school carefully and observe them faithfully.
  • Parents are earnestly requested to enforce regularity and discipline at home and see to it that their children prepare their lessons and do the assigned homework.
  • Parents are particularly expected to sign the Principal’s and Teacher’s remarks in this diary regularly after reading them. Failure to do this may put their children to great inconvenience.
  • When communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention in their letters/applications the name, class and section of their children.
  • Parents/Guardians or other persons should not visit the class or meet the teachers without obtaining the approval of the Principal. Teachers can be met only during the zero period. A permission slip must be obtained before meeting the teachers.
  • It is compulsory for every student to participate in all the extra-curricular activities of the school especially in Annual Sports Day, unless prior permission is taken from the Principal for genuine reasons.
  • There will be eight installments of school fee in an Academic year i.e. July to February. The fee can be paid in cash or by local cheque in the Indian Overseas Bank, Kaiserganj, Ajmer without fine upto 15th of the Installment month. Those whose fees are not paid by the 15th of these months will have to pay a fine of Rs. 50/- for that installment upto 25th of the month. After the due date, fees can be paid at the school counter with the stipulated fine of Rs. 100/- per installment till the end of that particular month failing which the fine will be increased to Rs.200/- per installment which will be collected along with the next installment. However, any fee paid in the school will be accepted in CASH only. Habitual defaulter’s name will be struck off the roll. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • School Fees are chargeable for 12 months i.e. from July to June.
  • The students of classes Xth and XIIth should pay their school fees and all dues if any, before obtaining their Board Admit Card in the month of February.
  • Parents must notify the school of any change in their address and telephone numbers immediately.
  • There will be a nominal increase in school fees and other miscellaneous charges every year, depending on the needs of the Institution.
  • Original Fee Receipt should be preserved carefully for the purpose of Income Tax rebate or reimbursement or clarification etc. as Duplicate fee receipts will not be issued.
  • The students of class X, who wish to leave the school for further studies in some other city or school should obtain the T.C. before 30th of June, failing which one month fee of class XI or fee of as many month as delayed in taking the T.C. will be charged.